27-02-2009 | MOD | New themed menu.
04-03-2009 | NEW | Added clicky gone started and shutdown message broadcast's.
08-03-2009 | NEW | Added Hide to applications system menu.
08-03-2009 | NEW | Completely new configuration program.
08-03-2009 | MOD | New future proof file format using chunk ids.
05-04-2009 | MOD | Added active boss item to menu.
05-04-2009 | NEW | Now using private assembly's for CRT.
07-04-2009 | BUG | Show and Hide All Always removed the ALT key.
13-04-2009 | BUG | When porting to single keys: After assigning a hot key (eg. Tilde ) and hitting apply, that key has now been disabled and
				   cannot be used in the hot-key controls. To combat this situation, All hot-keys have been disabled when the configuration
				   program is launched and re-enabled on exit.
13-04-2009 | BUG | The Hide Active Window and Show Clicky Gone menu items in the configuration program were switched. "Hide Active" showed
				   the "Show Menu" Options and vice versa, again a problem with resources. My IDE messed up my resources again, I blame this
				   one on microsoft.
13-04-2009 | BUG | Clicky Gone menu had no title in non portable version. This was due to the new config script where you can customize the
				   title ( in portable version).
13-08-2009 | NEW | Transparency effect now out of beta.
13-08-2009 | MOD | More advanced detection of hidden windows. Will not hide windows that are already off the screen, this removes 
				   silly clutter of windows in the menu list that can never be seen anyway.
13-08-2009 | NEW | Can now prevent the splash screen from showing up on application start.
13-08-2009 | BUG | Fixed some windows not hiding

Version 1.4.3.*
19-08-2009 | NEW | Added new header bar in configuration program to show what page you are on
19-08-2009 | NEW | Now has a config and command line option to turn off autostart when you log in as a Default
19-08-2009 | NEW | Configuration program will now notify you if changes were made after you hit the exit button.
19-08-2009 | MOD | Changed Transparency effect levels to a more user friendly range.
19-08-2009 | NEW | Support to completely disable the auto startup feature through the config script - Used for portable versions

31-08-2009 | BUG | Fixed bug in unhiding windows from the system tray

06-10-2009 | BUG | Fixed resetting of "Start when you log on" every time the application started, this bug was due to a Portable Apps build

05-03-2010 | BUG | Fixed Tray icons not being removed and windows not being displayed on Clicky Gone Shutdown
05-03-2010 | NEW | Added Disable Feature support in Clicky Gone Config, you can now disable unused hotkeys.
05-03-2010 | MOD | Hidden windows in the System Tray are now darkened a little
05-03-2010 | MOD | Changed the clicky gone menu to a more Clean Look
11-03-2010 | NEW | If a window can't be hidden with `Hide Active` Hotkey then all windows belonging to the Active windows process will be hidden

02-11-2010 | MOD | Added extra depth to the lower menu in Clicky Gone Config
02-11-2010 | MOD | Icons hidden in the system tray no have a transparent effect on 32bit displays rather than the old dark icons